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'Dinner at the Casino' by Gaston La Touche 1902 {{PD}}

‘Dinner at the Casino’ by Gaston La Touche 1902 {{PD}}

Dear Leo, this may be a spectacular year for you–but that doesn’t mean fireworks, prestige, and money delivered in buckets to your door–it doesn’t deny them, either, it’s just that your rewards may actually be on the quieter side, with this year being one you look back on for the rest of your life as both fulfilling and rich with experience. The House(s) in the natal chart (Sagittarius and Pisces, using traditional rulers) ruled by Jupiter are the likeliest areas for abundance, the acquisition of knowledge, experience, or influence, the development of a philosophy of life that can carry you through, and/ or the expansion of your world and your reach so that you permanently and positively change the way you engage with your surroundings forevermore. Know too that this year the emotions are likely to enjoy real stability and to heal so completely that you may feel like a ‘new you’ by the time you reach your next Solar Return. Good luck, and Happy Birthday!

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