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'Bal du moulin de la Galette' Renoir 1876 {{PD}}

‘Bal du moulin de la Galette’ Renoir 1876 {{PD}}

You may be on pins and needles this coming Solar year, dear Leo, as so much big, new, and exciting is forming in your life–but timing will be what makes or breaks your efforts at expansion, at reaching out, and at making your world a more dynamic and rewarding place. It may be particularly difficult to know when to take action–but, inspiration and optimism will be plentiful, and will get you over any false starts or dead ends you may temporarily take. Home, mate, and values will not only be your bedrock, but will help you fulfill those goals and dreams–use values as your guide, heed the mate’s counsel, and use home as a refuge–plenty of rest will be extra important in this period, as you may tend to tire yourself out with big efforts and big plans. Good Luck, Leo, and Happy Birthday!