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Weak sauce or not, we'll all get a taste. Jean Béraud's 'The Drinkers' 1908 {{PD}}

Weak sauce or not, we’ll all get a taste. Jean Béraud’s ‘The Drinkers’ 1908 {{PD}}

New Moon in Leo occurs 26 July at 3 Leo 51 at 3:41 PM Pacific time. The Leo New Moon roars at us mid-afternoon Pacific time, and so in most of the Western hemisphere may go unnoticed in the daytime sky. This New Moon is conjunct Jupiter, and we can count a loose sesquiquadrate to Chiron—and with lenient orbs a square to Mars, brand new in Scorpio.

This suggests that what develops at the NM seems much more formidable, with tougher requirements for action and choice, and much more serious stakes, than it really is; it appears that this conflict or challenge will in actuality be ‘weak sauce’, as the phrase goes—with effects likely concentrated in the natal Houses holding the NM and t Mars. We may work ourselves up, or the social circle may make noises that suggest this is a bigger event than it is—but what happens, or what choices we must make or actions take, will be much less effective and/ or meaningful to our Path than we might think in the moment. Mars new in Scorpio could be more concerned with being taken seriously (even being considered ‘dangerous’ in some sense) than in getting into action, and a square to Sun-Jupiter only adds incentive to broadcast the Self and ‘shine’—no one reacts well to that kind of pressure, especially after the somewhat debilitating experience of the Saturn-Uranus direction changes.

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