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Édouard Joseph Dantan 1880 {{PD}}

Édouard Joseph Dantan 1880 {{PD}}

Dear Leo, your creative energy is at a peak this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, and you can make the most of your imagination, your spiritual inclinations, and all matters of the House in the natal chart with Pisces on the cusp as well as any energies ruled by Neptune. That’s a powerful mandate that’s exciting but could also be confusing or overwhelming, as you try to activate all your inspirations at once; take things one at a time, and you could enjoy one of the most creative and productive years of your life. At some point you could be looking at a seminal moment in terms of forming your identity, and/ or living out your Life Purpose–and that means you need to be aware that what you do now will be more important to you than surface matters may indicate. You can be highly original this year, particularly if you give that creative energy material form–to make the most of all this, you’ll need to be open to dealing with at least a few things you’d rather not–but nothing truly good comes without a little struggle, does it? Happy Birthday, and good luck, Leo!

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