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Gerhard Munthe - At the Farm, Ulvin {{PD}}

Gerhard Munthe – At the Farm, Ulvin {{PD}}

2 PM PDT the Leo Moon sextiles Ceres. We get along well with those in authority, or are in touch with our own power and able to show it. Negotiations guided by intuition go well, too. 6 PM PDT the Moon sextiles Vesta; both are at 29 degrees. In spite of things in the home, with causes to which we’re dedicated, or interaction with the mate, running smoothly, we’re still tense and possibly snappish. This period may test our commitment to values and to our usual peace-loving attitude. Void begins at 7:14 PM Pacific time; the Moon enters Virgo at 8:37 PM PDT. 10:30 PM PDT the Moon sextiles Mars. It’s easy at this point to become aggressive and critical–but we can choose instead to put our attention on taking detail-oriented action.

Today’s image is a man who returns to a house where he lived many years ago, and finds the current occupants do not welcome him in. It’s important we recognize that no matter our memories, our surroundings change, and psychically and otherwise, we may no longer ‘fit’ in old places or old scenarios. Heraclitus reminds us, we can’t step into the same river twice: it is not the same river, and we are not the same person.

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