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Josef Neugebauer Stillleben mit einer Uhr ('Still Life with a Clock') 1873 {{PD}}

Josef Neugebauer Stillleben mit einer Uhr (‘Still Life with a Clock’) 1873 {{PD}}

Black Moon Lilith sextiles Zeus and both inconjunct Chiron in a Finger of God; there’s also a Grand Water Trine that hooks into the Finger through Chiron (the other points are Venus and Saturn), making for an interesting possible effect: by standing up for ourselves and facing what we might otherwise avoid, and at the same time pursuing goals, we may end up healing some long-held wounds–and this, in turn, creates a Love-filled, rewarding, or prosperous reality. That sounds good.

Today’s image is a clock, the glass-covered face of which is unreadable in the glaring sun. What happens to our consciousness, and our perceptions, when we throw away the clock? If you can, go for a day without reference to time; you’ll almost certainly tune in more closely to your body, to the environment, and to your own needs. This image could alternatively suggest for some that though one may need to know ‘what time it is’, there is an inability to determine just how ‘late’ it actually is–the only option may be to do the best one can, without reference to timetables, schedules, or deadlines.

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