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Go after that dream, dear Leo. 'Affiche Salon des Cents' 1901 Alfons Mucha {{PD}}

Go after that dream, dear Leo. ‘Affiche Salon des Cents’ 1901
Alfons Mucha {{PD}}

Dear Leo, I’ve got some unusual advice for you concerning this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday: pursue your ambitions and desires, and your reward will be circumstances that heal and that bring forward unique skills. Now, notice I didn’t say you’d achieve those ambitions–maybe you will, maybe you won’t–but in going after what you want you’ll create some wonderful side effects. Important too will be the people you partner with, pursue romantically, and/ or whom you meet along the way; you may form some life altering and forever-after attachments during this year. There’ll also be a significant ‘surprise’ factor or a mandate for you to express the individuality in material form–one or the other will be instrumental in adjustments you make to the life Path, and so to where you end up by your next Solar Return. One caution: discipline yourself, avoid needless rebellion, or the Universe will stick its fingers in and hold you back–don’t let that happen! Happy Birthday, Leo, and good luck!