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Degas 1873 {{PD}}

Degas 1873 {{PD}}

This year ambition and desire fulfillment take center stage for you, dear Leo; everything else pales next to goal attainment. You’ll have an intense need to build something, to create something lasting, to make your mark–and who can blame you, you’re ready! Show who you are, your uniqueness and your skills, and aim for empowerment that opens the door to other, bigger prizes. Still, important as this is for you, and primed as you are to move forward, remaining sensitive to partners, mates, and those with whom you cooperate is vital to real success, for how much fun will it be for you to attain glory if you’re alone? The lion seeks isolation under only the most extraordinary circumstances; this coming year, through to your next birthday, you’ll act with passion and discipline, and appreciate those who surround and support you, if you want to make those dreams a reality.

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