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'On the Activities of the People at Moonlight' Olaus Magnus 1555 {{PD}}

‘On the Activities of the People at Moonlight’ Olaus Magnus 1555 {{PD}}

The Full Moon occurs on the 10th at 11:09 AM Pacific time at 18 Aquarius 02; she sextiles Uranus, opposes Mercury and Black Moon Lilith, and squares Saturn. It feels, in some fundamental way, that we may process the energy of the Full Moon as nothing so much as a distraction; maybe it’s its big, bright Super-ness that will dominate the sky and so disorient our sensibilities. In any case, what we may have is a ‘bang!’ over in one corner, pressure from reality in another, and showy confrontations with what we don’t want to deal with, what we’re hearing or learning, what’s being communicated, and all of it turning us away from the Aquarian higher knowledge and understanding we’re being offered.

How will it come to us, then? The Moon disorients, deludes, cloaks us in illusion; we must look to the Sun, and his companions Mercury and Black Moon Lilith. These offer solutions (the culmination of the Full Moon) that the Moon is too affected, too in love with her own glow, to deliver. To receive that higher illumination, that answer to a vital question, we must face those matters we find ourselves avoiding right now, and funnel that illumined energy through matters of one or both of the Houses in the natal chart ruled by Mercury. That’s a formula that won’t be the easiest to decipher, but it will show us areas of the chart (those Merc ruled Houses) and life matters that are overdue to be faced, dealt with, and from which we can glean something exceptionally important.

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