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'In the Box' Mary Cassatt 1879 {{PD}}

‘In the Box’ Mary Cassatt 1879 {{PD}}

Dear Leo: What’s the most powerful thing you’ve discovered about yourself in  the past year? Because whatever that is, it will be behind what drives you forward on your Path this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday. If this powerful thing involved you facing matters you’d rather not deal with, then bravo/ brava, you are clearing out psychic material that may have held you back for a long time, and claiming your power as your own; and if this powerful thing was about demanding respect and standing up for yourself, then you have set the stage so that you’ve left behind those who aren’t right for this leg of your journey, and you’ve attracted those who are–with the result that you are now poised to go far at a new, empowered level. Happy Birthday, Leo, and good luck!