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'Pandora' Jules Joseph Lefebvre 1882 {{PD}}

Maybe Pandora would’ve been better off not opening that box, but you need to deal with the unpleasantness, Leo, in order to go forward. ‘Pandora’ Jules Joseph Lefebvre 1882 {{PD}}

Dear Leo, there’s a Pandora’s Box of subjects you’d rather not deal with that will be sneaking up on you soon–but the good news is facing those issues will bring you respect, independence, and allow you to fully express your passions–so that’s really not a bad deal at all. An added bonus to all this will be the way you are able to settle certain situations, myths, and repercussions of actions from the past that have reverberated through to the Now; you could be, by the end of this Solar year, through to your next birthday, free of some elements that have lingered for a long time, haunting you, dragging at your energy, or just acting as a brake. Deal with those negatives, and then know where you want to aim, as you can show real power and make great progress in pursuing your dreams.

Extra: if you have any placements or points at 5 Aries or 5 Capricorn, you may find those dreams and goals challenged by the Will of others–but that’s just one more thing you’ll need to work out–then you can go forward with few, or no, impediments.