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'The Pale Complexion of True Love' 1899  Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale {{PD}}

‘The Pale Complexion of True Love’ 1899
Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale {{PD}}

For Saturday, 16 August: determining power situations and power distribution seems vital, and yet we have a major distraction to all this in creative expression in the home or through a cause we support; the wish to express creative ideas takes our time and attention from dealing with issues of authority and from fully owning our own power position—and that easily creates problems. It might help to remain aware of two things: communications may be incomplete and erratic, so we can’t take for granted that we know the whole score (it’s almost like a mini-Merc retro effect), and we need to do whatever smart alternative the reality picture commands—to ignore it in favor of creative expression at this time is to court unpleasant mix-ups in agreements and to risk having our own power of choice usurped by the quick and the sneaky. (Ceres parallel the North Node, Neptune trine Vesta, Saturn semi-square Pallas, Mercury sesquiquadrate Uranus)

And for Sunday the 17th: we finally feel an enormous positive shift in the Cosmos—or at least in our little part of it—with the planet of Love and Money meeting the planet of expansion and abundance—so what could go wrong? We have a basic scenario for prosperity, specifically through communicating with or listening to those who hold the power; but difficulties with delusion or deception, fantasy, troubles within the home or with the mate, and instincts that seem to be at odds with the way the world works, may all show against us. The trick may be to keep things, whether relationships or finances, on a power exchange basis—that way it’s clear what’s changing hands—and realize that instinct and imagination sometimes aren’t our friends—at least that’s so when it comes to Money or Love—we need to stay focused on reality to make gains and feel good. (Venus conjunct Jupiter, quincunx Neptune, square Vesta, Mercury sextile Ceres, Sedna square the Sun-Earth axis)

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