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Mary Cassatt - The Boating Party 1893-94 {{PD}}

Mary Cassatt – The Boating Party 1893-94 {{PD}}

Emotions, and the craving to dig deep into the psyche and connect with your elemental Self, may be strong this Solar year, Leo, especially during the early part of it–and through to your next birthday you may be occupied (obsessed?) with connecting to those unique parts of you that offer strength and that carry your talents–because it’s time to take an accounting of those, and get the word out about what you are perfectly suited to do. Telling others about your ambitions may help you make needed and fortuitous connections–and with an active but stable home scene (or just being appropriately secure in yourself) you will be able to share creative ideas and energy with others, and so perhaps change your job, daily routine, or duties to be more expressive of the Self. Happy Birthday, and good luck!