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Step by step, inch by inch--The Coliseum by ean-Baptiste Camille Corot {{PD}}

Step by step, inch by inch–The Coliseum by ean-Baptiste Camille Corot {{PD}}

At this point, dear Leo, you may be feeling just a little at loose ends, even abandoned, as if all you need to see and do is behind you–now what? You’re coming up on a new start, but you’re not there yet–thinking, planning, gathering info–that’s what needs to happen now. Transformation of what is, the structures and strictures that exist in your life, is part of the task this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday–but you can’t do that alone, nor should you expect to re-build Rome in a day–step by step, even inch by inch, if you have to. You’ll be given more than your share of opportunities in this period, though, and you should expect to take advantage of these, with the understanding that this is a time of development, of growing and organizing your power, preparing for the new start that is just around the figurative corner–but that it’s not quite time to act, yet. Happy Birthday, and good luck!