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Don't abdicate, for instance, your responsibility to put that fire out. from 'The Chronicles of St. Denis' 12th century Artist unknown {{PD}}

Don’t abdicate, for instance, your responsibility to put that fire out. from ‘The Chronicles of St. Denis’ 12th century Artist unknown {{PD}}

From ‘Attachments—Asking Why’, an article on relationships in the current ECLIPSE:

We’ve talked about Ceres’ sex-deadening energy specifically when it contacts the Mars, chart ruler, or Sun or Sun ruler of a male from a female’s chart, or within a same sex interaction in either person’s chart to the other’s, but Ceres can bring her overwhelming Earth Mama or directly maternal vibe by moving aspect, and so temporarily put a damper on drives, unless the individuals can relate to an elemental form of sexuality—if the involved individuals are too civilized, too strongly identify caring with mothering, or are too frightened of Nature and natural behaviors (these make some people feel out-of-control), then a Ceres transit can really gum things up, the worst part being that one might feel the change is permanent, rather than transitory.

Just a Little Lunar Essence for 30 August: the Moon enters Scorpio at 1:53 AM Pacific time of the 30th. 1 PM PDT the Moon trines Neptune. We are open to deep feeling, inspiration, and creative change–whatever moves you at this point is likely to be very positive–unless you let yourself be mislead. Vet your ideas by imagining potential outcomes; if they’re all good, you’ve got a green light. 3 PM PDT the Moon conjuncts Ceres and trines Earth. We connect with our power by connecting, literally, with the earth. Garden, work with clay, walk outside barefoot, swim in a natural body of water, plant something–it will bring power, balance, and peace.

31 August relationships may support us, and our money and/ or talent supports our skills, but only if we refuse to dwell on our wounds or to think like losers! At this time the world really is ours to make of it what we will; don’t abdicate your immense power to declare your territory as your own in favor of playing victim or out of a mistaken belief that it’s egotistical to declare yourself—there’s nothing modest or virtuous about pretending to be weaker or more confused than we actually are. (Perfecting today: Venus semi-square Pallas, Mercury contra-parallel Chiron and semi-square Vesta, Earth trine Ceres)

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