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Malnazar, illuminator, 'The Creation of the World' 1637 {{PD}}

Malnazar, illuminator, ‘The Creation of the World’ 1637 {{PD}}

A great deal of your attention, dear Virgo, is focused on empowering yourself, just as it should be; you have ambitions and things you’re dedicated to and want to get on with the business of honoring and accomplishing. What you need to be aware of is the toll pursuing your goals could take on relationships or finances (which may be strained all year), and you need to be very cognizant of the emotional restrictions you’ve place on yourself; these could be your biggest obstacle, and could go unrecognized as your own beliefs, instead projected outward and seen as vagaries inflicted by an unnecessarily cruel world. It’s almost inevitable that often this Solar year, through to your next birthday, you may act and react from instinct and the material that resides in the ‘blind spot’, and so create circumstances that can be puzzling or seem to be the opposite of what you were going for. When this happens, you should take the approach that everything has reasons behind it, and it’s your job to understand why you might call such a situation into being, always with the idea that the Universe is a responsive, living thing that acts in our best interests. Be optimistic, ask for answers, and be persistent, Virgo–Happy Birthday, and good luck!