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'Point Lobos' 1920 Bertha Boyntom Lum Library of Congress {{PD}}

‘Point Lobos’ 1920 Bertha Boyntom Lum Library of Congress {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: 4 September relationship demands, what we want, and our means of earning may all violate the needs of the home front, the mate, highest values, or those things we find sacred—and yet our minds are set, and unwilling to bend to accommodate those values or needs. We find ourselves in a spot that feels restricted and that seems contrary to what we would normally want or support—but this is when we ask ourselves if that’s really true. A review of our actual priorities, and of what’s truly restricting us, is in order. (Perfecting today: Venus contra-parallel Vesta, Mercury semi-square Saturn)
Lunar movement: 11 AM PDT the Capricorn Moon trines the Sun, giving us a period of clarity. Note what you’re aware of now, and how you perceive it, as your viewpoint is likely accurate (unless the figurative Sun is in your eyes!) 3 PM PDT the Moon opposes Juno and sextiles Vesta. Are we butting heads needlessly? That’s the question–anything that doesn’t directly empower and respect our values should be let go. This is the beginning of an Earth Grand Cross with Juno, Uranus, and Zeus; the Moon also sextiles Chiron. We are trying to assert the Self and balance this need with our chances for ambition fulfillment–the unexpected gets in the way, and our own wounds, or our fear of hurting others, make us hesitant. This all happens in ways that affect the material situation. Going after what you want is fine, as long as you are acutely aware of where your territory ends and that of others begins; accomplishment only comes when we operate with full knowledge of others’ rights and privileges. 9 PM PDT the Moon sextiles Saturn. This is a point when we can give emotions structure and containment; make sure they take fluid, rather than rigid, shapes.
Grand Trine with Vesta-Juno-Chiron=This reinforces the idea that to successfully empower ourselves we need to be sensitive to the wounds and sacred places of others, as well as making sure our choices honor our Chirotic gifts and our own priorities.
Today’s image is a cave-dwelling salamander that lives in the dark and breathes through its skin. Look for unusual ways to accomplish the usual and necessary; this will evolve talents with little effort.

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