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'An Accident' Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret  1878 {{PD}}

‘An Accident’ Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret 1878 {{PD}}

. . . . as in, ‘getting rid of or being done with pain’. The Full Moon in Pisces occurs at 6:38 PM Pacific time of the 8th at 16 Pisces 19, and is conjunct Chiron, quincunx Zeus, and captures Saturn, Vesta, and Juno in a Water Grand Trine. Since a FM is a culmination, we are arriving at an ending—but of what? Most likely the ending of some hurtful situation or wound which is healed via our own emotion-guided empowerment that comes directly from living our highest values in some form. The reality picture requires we modify ambitions and desires, and thereby we create surroundings that truly meet our highest standards—and this is very possibly through modifications or changes on the home front, with our behavior toward and treatment of the mate, and/ or by aligning our goals with what we honor and find sacred. This is a course-correction point that offers significant lessening of psychic and emotional pain, if we 1) will apply the needed changes to the environment and practices, and 2) be willing to let the pain go. Miss either component, and things stay much the same.

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