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Be fearless; stand up in the boat if you want to. 'A Party Angling' George Morland 1789 {{PD}}

Be fearless; stand up in the boat if you want to. ‘A Party Angling’ George Morland 1789 {{PD}}

Dear Virgo, if you are feeling the need to express yourself in a way that fulfills ambitions, gathers in all that you desire, honors what you care for, creates a solid and nurturing home for you, and makes you stand out in the group, you will over the coming year, through to your next birthday, not just get the chance to do it, you’ll practically be guaranteed to fall into the flow of energy that will facilitate your individual expression in unprecedented ways. The world is ready for you, but are you ready for it? You’ve recently dealt with some powerful forces for change that may have left you a little hesitant. Your success this year will depend on how willing you are to respond to the river of life without imposing your own personal set of restrictions, rules, and conditions. Acceptance will be a big part of creating the right circumstances to go forward, show who you are, and build what you want; fearlessness and trust will be the others.