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George Bellows - The Big Dory, 1913

George Bellows – The Big Dory, 1913

You may feel all adrift this year, dear Virgo–others may be particularly puzzling, unreliable, and prone to shock or surprise you, communications may seem suppressed, as if no one’s speaking their mind, and you may be more than a little preoccupied planning for attaining your goals–and yet, life may feel especially good this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday. You may find you have some extraordinary ‘luck’, numerous opportunities come your way, and you may be truly inspired in all you do and pursue. It’s an odd combination of influences that pushes you toward Self-reliance and into a kind of isolated, even meditative, state; what results is a set of experiences you couldn’t have gotten any other way, and some once-in-a-lifetime spiritual and social development that leaves you in a far different place by this time next year. Happy Birthday, Virgo, and good luck!