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'The Ship's Deck' Édouard Manet c1860 {{PD}}

‘The Ship’s Deck’ Édouard Manet c1860 {{PD}}

Though it comes at you obliquely, dear Virgo, in dreams, in meditations, through interaction with large institutions, through the Collective, through the egos of others, and through spiritual practice, it will come: things you’d hoped to compartmentalize, pretend aren’t happening, and ignore. These matters must be dealt with; it’s necessary so you can clear the decks of the psyche and become aware in a way you never have been before. What awaits your consciousness is something along the lines of hyper-instinct and a facility to see everything–if you deal successfully with the challenges presented, through the year to your next birthday, your reward will be an internal guidance system second to none and no personal blind spot–which can have its own pitfalls in the guise of being unable to block out the things you’d rather not see about others or your circumstances that normally help us all get through the day–but that’s a matter for another time. Happy Birthday, Virgo, and good luck!

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