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Meyer Albert 'Olympic Games, 1896; preparation for the 100-meter race' 1896 {{PD}}

Meyer Albert ‘Olympic Games, 1896; preparation for the 100-meter race’ 1896 {{PD}}

Dear Virgo, you may feel like you’re way ahead of everyone else this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday–and you are, the only problem being that running at the front of the pack can be a lonely place–not to mention, others are looking to follow your lead, adding pressure and a more-than-usual awareness of the kind of presentation you are making to others. What’s a Solar Virgo to do? First, know that sooner rather than later a period of intense sensitivity you’ve been going through will end–you’ll feel closure, and at that point you will be free to focus on yourself. Too, you have exceptional natural power and authority at your disposal this year, along with an outstanding ability to negotiate the depths, especially those secret, psychic ones where passions reside; don’t neglect to use this ability carefully (by respecting boundaries) but still employing it to your advantage. And third, you need to think about and plan for the next career or status step–but don’t go for it just yet. Instead, have a Happy Birthday, Virgo, and good luck!