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Sir Peter Paul Rubens - 'Peace Embracing Plenty' (apparently as seen from the floor!) c1633 {{PD}}

Sir Peter Paul Rubens – ‘Peace Embracing Plenty’ (apparently as seen from the floor!) c1633 {{PD}}

You may be running on instinct, and acting and reacting from your personal ‘blind spot’ this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, dear Virgo. What’s clear is that material hidden from the psyche will feature prominently in events, and will influence your choices and efforts–and how can one possibly prepare for that? One can’t reasonably prepare for that at all, but you’re in luck: your Solar Return Cancer Moon suggests a great capacity for sensitivity, empathy, and caring; if you’ll commit to feeling and trusting those feelings, you might navigate things very successfully. Don’t be tempted to go ‘dark’ or to reduce things solely to the material level, and embrace elements of ‘luck’ and general good fortune, especially in creating fortuitous relationships and in making good financial moves–because luck and good fortune are waiting to embrace you. Happy Birthday, Virgo, and good luck!