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Charles Demuth 'The Circus' (1917) {{PD}}

Charles Demuth ‘The Circus’ (1917) {{PD}}

For 20 September: empowerment at this particular time comes from facing it all (even what we’d rather not), standing up for ourselves and our right to be respected, and involves a willingness to at least question those things we typically consider sacred—they might need a fresh, objective look—and any ways in which we’ve been bending over backward to maintain harmony with the mate or on the home front may also need to be examined. We may have bent too much, thought of ourselves too little—and if we don’t see our needs now, rebellion against those we see as holding power or authority over us may rear its head. What we don’t want to do is fall into patterns of ego or temper from the past—these will get us nowhere in a hurry. Dark of the Moon begins late PM Pacific time. (Perfecting today: Black Moon Lilith parallel Juno and square Vesta, Uranus quincunx Ceres, Mars sesquiquadrate the South Node)

For the 21st: 5 AM PDT the Leo Moon quincunxes Earth. Our surroundings may challenge us emotionally or give us pause. Void begins at 5:48 AM PDT; the Moon enters Virgo at 8:54 AM PDT. 7 PM PDT the Moon creates a T-square by opposing Neptune with both squaring Mars. We may choose or act in spite of a lack of inspiration or imagination–that may leave us very sorry with the results.

Today’s image is a nurse preparing a shot for a small child. Are you anticipating something not-so-pleasant that is meant to be ‘good for you’? Sometimes we make ourselves do things purely out of a kind of superstitious, ritualistic belief that it will protect us; consider the true efficacy of those preventive measures, before subjecting yourself to them.

And on the Sabian for the Lunar Eclipse of 8 October: ‘Nature Spirits Are Seen At Work In The Light Of Sunset’. This reinforces the culmination factor of the eclipse (the sunset) and reassures us that, even if this is an ending for you with no clear-cut new persona yet showing itself, nature is preparing the elements necessary–all you need to do is wait. The conjunction of Uranus to this point emphasizes the spontaneous nature of what will occur, as well as its uniqueness to the needs and personality of each individual

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