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'Ceres' Alice Pike Barney 1901 {{PD}}

‘Ceres’ Alice Pike Barney 1901 {{PD}}

A Little Lunar Essence for 27 September: 4 AM PDT the Scorpio Moon sextiles Pluto. It’s time to purge! –the emotions, the pipeline to intuition, and the Self of secrets that are weighing us down. Just let it out. 10 AM PDT the Moon trines Chiron and quincunxes Uranus. We are attuned to hurt, but if we make a conscious effort, we can turn that energy toward healing, it’s polar opposite–all we need to apply is a unique, original, or unusual approach that allows us to take a view beyond our wounds. Noon the Moon squares Jupiter. Experiences in the social sphere are not the best–stick with what you know, and what you’re sure of. 5:30 PM PDT the Moon conjuncts Ceres. We are in touch with Mother Nature, Gaia, our own sense of authority, and can negotiate purely by ‘feel’ should we need or want to. 9 PM PDT the Moon conjuncts Saturn and semi-sextiles Pallas. Restraint is smart–it’s that simple.

And a Little AstroEssence for the 28th: Our priorities and interests seem contrary to those of the social circle, and what info we learn or knowledge we glean may be destructive in its effects or concentrated on gaining or holding onto power. Efforts at expansion and control of others or our surroundings seem to threaten what we truly care about—so we step away, thinking we can avoid a problem, but instead find we’ve misunderstood the stakes involved. Stick to facts and adjust efforts to focus on material changes, results, and solid, working-with-reality matters; assume that you are operating under at least a few illusions, that the worth of things is fuzzy at best, and proceed with that kind of caution in mind. (Perfecting today: Vesta contra-parallel Jupiter and semi-square Pluto, Sun quincunx Neptune and contra-parallel Venus, Earth sesquiquadrate Saturn)

A brief article from the Weekly:

More on Eclipses: Expectations
Too often we approach eclipses as some kind of change-your-luck, reach-the-holy-grail, wash-away-your sins kind of astrological event. They are nothing more than New and Full Moons where we just happen, from our vantage point on Earth, to witness one body blocking another, and so cutting off that body’s light. Is that a big deal astrologically? Yes and no—it can signify big, even Earth-shaking, changes and wipe-outs, new starts and major endings, but we have to get past this idea that this kind of massive re-model of our potentials and our lives will occur at each eclipse set.

It’s really as rare as any other lightning strike or lottery win; we’ll have a few of those scattered through life, but mostly eclipses will represent the more subtle or less monumental changes that are part and parcel of every day living. Too much concentration on eclipses as super-powerful comes too close to endowing them with a magical effect they really don’t (and can’t) have—and it’s not a good way to look at the Universe, as if we are waiting for externals to rescue us, or bring us something mystical or extraordinary that will change our lives—really, we have to do the changing ourselves.

We must also remember that even though we are fixated on certain life subjects, that doesn’t mean an eclipse set will address them; sometimes it does, but just as often it points us in another direction entirely. This is a clue to us that the Universe doesn’t necessarily see our agenda as the important one—and maybe hints that what we are finding important in the moment isn’t really important at all. If you’ll let them, eclipses will help steer you in the direction of what you’re really facing, and what your real opportunities are.

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