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Henri Lebasque 'Young Girls in a Boat' c 1900

Henri Lebasque ‘Young Girls in a Boat’ c 1900

You ARE your creative energy this year, through to your next birthday, dear Libra, but as you may be aware, your current patron saint, Neptune, is transiting through his own sign–and so, though his signal’s coming through to you loud and clear (or as clear as Neppy can be!) he’s also consumed with his own creative process–as you will be, too. That means there will be relationships to ignore, communications to muddle, and finances to neglect–and yet, this could be a really great period for you as you’ll enjoy tremendous ability to focus, to know what you want, and you will find support for you ambitions and desires in some surprising places. So, get behind that original idea, nail down the details that will bring that dream to reality, and go for it–you’ll rarely see such a perfect combination of opportunity, ability, and talent available at the same time–use it! Happy Birthday, Libra, and good luck!