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Edwin Austin Abbey,  - 'Potpourri' - 1899 {{PD}}

Edwin Austin Abbey, – ‘Potpourri’ – 1899 {{PD}}

This coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, dear Libra, your attention may turn toward ‘luck’–or is it more the way fortuitous meetings, chance occurrences, random breaks, and good guesses combine to lead you in a direction that, by the end of the year, you’re likely to look back on as both amazingly positive and ‘fated’, as if no other result were even possible? Your originality and inventiveness will combine and bring opportunity such as you haven’t seen for a long time–and you may enjoy a knack for research, unearthing secrets, and getting to the bottom of issues–and that may or may not win you new friends. Watch for: hair-trigger tempers (your own and that of others) and a tendency toward over-optimism–stay connected to reality so that you have a fair idea of what will go forward, and what won’t. Happy Birthday, Libra, and good luck!