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Emile Friant 'La Discussion politique' before 1932 {{PD}}

Emile Friant ‘La Discussion politique’ before 1932 {{PD}}

Dear Libra, communication and clear thinking, especially in relationships, may be your biggest challenge this year, through to your next birthday–and it may grow into your biggest asset. Though it might be tough going over the next few months, the conditions under which you interact with others and share information will force you to pay excruciatingly close attention, to absorb nuance, and to read implications very precisely–and so hone your communication skills to a degree that might almost appear supernatural to the observer. Once you have sharpened your perceptual abilities, instinct kicks in to aid you, and then you’ll be ready to tackle those issues avoided or ignored–but for now, just know that out of some difficult beginnings, this year could shape a quick mentality and some exceptional skills. Happy Birthday, Libra, and good luck!