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Constantin Hansen 'Portrait of a Little Girl, Elise Købke, with a Cup in front of her' {{PD}}

Constantin Hansen ‘Portrait of a Little Girl, Elise Købke, with a Cup in front of her’ {{PD}}

A little Lunar essence for today, the 15th:

4 PM PDT the Cancer Moon squares Mercury and trines Ceres. Thoughts and feelings are not in harmony, but as long as we are basing things on our connection to Nature, and/ or to our sense of personal authority, all will go well (but for how long, with the mentality dormant or confused and all sensory equipment down?) Don’t worry, we get a ‘new’ handle on things soon enough–’til then, coast. 11 PM PDT the Moon squares Pallas. Why are we so tempted to do something so dumb? Okay, I’ll be more Libra-diplomatic and say, ‘unwise’–but really, dumb–just don’t! Void begins at 12:39 AM of the 16th Pacific time; the Moon enters Leo at 3:30 AM PDT.

And for the 16th:

16 October why does it feel as if what’s smart will hurt if implemented? We’re deluded about what needs to be protected, and our instincts place us in conflict with what we value and what we want. Our thoughts are confused and we may act before we think (or plan)—today’s really the day for dealing with up front issues in such a way that we map out future action, rather than making a move in the present. We have a brief but clear planning window, which relies on our willingness to lay everything out while agreeing not to do anything for now. Special note to artists: creativity may take us down a weird path, and inspiration fails to respect actions we’ve already taken. Be willing to record ideas but forego action on inspiration received at this time—chances are high that the products of creative actions taken now will just have to be scrapped later. (Perfecting today: Chiron sesquiquadrate Pallas, Neptune square Vesta, Venus contra-parallel Sedna, Mercury parallel Neptune and sextile Mars, Sun-Mercury meet in Inferior Conjunction and contra-parallel Black Moon Lilith)

The Daily Word image for the 16th:

Today’s image is a hot cup of tea. Don’t neglect those small rituals that make life enjoyable–when we get busy they can fall by the wayside, and we may find we feel twice as worn without them.

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