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'Spring Snow' (Shunsetsu) by Takeuchi Seiho, 1942 {{PD}}

‘Spring Snow’ (Shunsetsu) by Takeuchi Seiho, 1942 {{PD}}

A little something for 26 October: Today’s image is a bird splashing in a puddle, even as it starts to rain. Is there some way in which we’re double dipping, in a way? Out of an abundance of caution or enthusiasm we can find ourselves over doing, in a simple attempt to make sure we get it done; we may not realize that, figuratively speaking, wet is wet–once we’re wet, we can’t get wetter! Mars moves into Capricorn today, helping us target action effectively–and hopefully eliminate any duplication of effort.

A little something for 27 October: we come to know the meaning of the old axiom, ‘Knowledge is power’; authority accrues to those who have access to facts and who understand how past development has lead to current conditions. Thinking, however, is decidedly independent of power concerns, and though this leads to a purity of mental expression and processing it also signifies, on the part of those who are mentally-keyed (natally heavy in Air), a susceptibility to follow an idea or place a concept on a pedestal that could have negative consequences for the personal empowerment situation. The saving grace, though, may actually be grace itself, an adherence to the ideal of Love in action that mitigates any potential negatives or losses. Ideals in Love or Money can be advanced and perhaps met; creativity, imagination, and integrity all pay. (Ceres enters Sagittarius, Venus trine Neptune, Mercury contra-parallel Juno)

And for 28 October: The Moon enters Capricorn at 3:04 AM PDT of the 28th. 5 AM PDT the Moon conjuncts Mars. Temper takes some very concrete avenues of expression, and upset may be taken out through material matters, if we don’t bother to hold back. With just a little effort, control of energy output can be both disciplined and productive. 10 AM PDT the Moon sits at the midpoint of Neptune-Pallas. Creative wisdom is channeled through the emotions and intuition; try to preserve what comes to you now, as it will be both inspired and smart. Noon the Moon sextiles Sun-Venus. We see illuminated either relationships or financial situations–and we understand them in a way that makes us sympathetic/ empathetic to their current state. 5 PM PDT the Moon quincunxes Juno. We can sense, rather than ‘see’, what we need to adjust in order to maintain or enhance our own power situation. Believe what occurs to you to do, as it’s the right thing for you, and is supported by sensitivity and instinct. 10 PM PDT the Moon conjuncts Pluto and semi-sextiles Vesta. Instincts to get and maintain power are right on, and we may be challenged by a destructive tingle aimed at anything we feel uncomfortable about concerning the home, family, or those things to which we’re dedicated. Consider the way you can change the situation that’s irritating you, rather than eliminating it or some aspect of it.

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