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Thomas Fearnley - 'Grindel Forest Glacier' 1837 {{PD}}

Thomas Fearnley – ‘Grindel Forest Glacier’ 1837 {{PD}}

13 November Today is the day when all is revealed—all in terms of our own power, influence, reach, and impact on others both personally and in the social sphere, at least. If we aren’t happy with our power situation we can make some smart moves to improve it; too, we’ll see the benefits of clearing out what’s outmoded or no longer precious to us, to make room for the new. (Pallas parallel Juno, Venus semi-square Pluto, Sun-Earth axis in T-square with Jupiter)

Today’s image is a glacier, melting just a little in the bright sunshine. What in your life seems to be moving at, as they say, a glacial pace? Know that no matter how nonexistent change in this area seems to be, the situation is on its way to ‘becoming fluid’. Change may still be a long way off, but it is coming.

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