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'Construction du Temple de Jérusalem' Jean Fouquet c1470 {{PD}}

‘Construction du Temple de Jérusalem’
Jean Fouquet c1470 {{PD}}

You’re aiming for solid results and constructive action this coming Solar year, dear Scorpio, through to your next birthday, but what you need to watch out for are the influences of those things you don’t know lurk within your own psyche. Instincts designed to keep you safe may cause you to be hesitant and over-protective, while issues that reside in the mental ‘blind spot’, visible to others but not to you, may exert a push or pull that can unexpectedly throw things into chaos. The solution may lie, not in excavating these areas (though certainly, that will eventually need to be done) but in keeping yourself focused on facts and the concrete, on what’s measurable and able to be physically handled; that way you don’t become distracted by odd feelings and unconscious sensations that could worm their way into projects and distort (or even halt) progress. Too, this year you have a gift for originality and Self-promotion (and a corresponding generosity)–let yourself shine! Happy Birthday, Scorpio, and good luck!