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A yoke is really a tool that allows you to get twice as much done. Pisanello {{PD}}

A yoke is really a tool that allows you to get twice as much done. Pisanello {{PD}}

Is that the proverbial yoke of oppression you’re wearing, dear Scorpio, or are you just super-disciplined and super-goal-focused right now, with no time to look up from your Herculean labors to flirt or play or even enjoy what you’ve built? You may see-saw between these two viewpoints all through the coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, and one thing’s sure: that won’t be fun. It will be up to you to consciously step back and inject a little spontaneity into things, no matter how unnatural that may feel to you at the time; maintaining a sense of freedom, no matter how big a burden you’re carrying, and no matter how willingly you’ve taken this burden on, is vital to your mental and emotional health, and to your ability to accomplish, as you won’t get anywhere if you believe you’re being buried alive. So, keep your focus on your choices and your ability to have an impact; those will keep you aware of your true freedom, and so keep you sane. Happy Birthday, Scorpio, and good luck!

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