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Osiris, photo by Ignati {{PD}}

Osiris, photo by Ignati {{PD}}

22 NovemberNew Moon occurs at 4:32 AM Pacific Standard Time at 00 Sagittarius 07: ‘Everything Old is New Again’

The Sabian is, ‘Retired Army Veterans Gather To Reawaken Old Memories’. That, my friends, is a ReUnion. The implication is that we will see something resurrected, back together again, in imitation of a previous state or condition with the purpose of Re-Membering. This echoes the Saturn in Scorpio ‘setting’ for the New Moon, wherein reality contains layers of memory, mystery, nuance, truth, and many versions of ‘what is’ as seen through varied viewpoints and times—and the NM resurrects something specific to the re-uniting of those who experienced a past condition together. It’s perhaps past contacts brought together to celebrate that past, to re-live it, in a way—or to resurrect from memory something buried, forgotten, or ignored—which brings us back to Black Moon Lilith. ‘Everything old is New Again’ is an old saying (and song!) that may be what we’re humming come New Moon time.

Today’s image is the Egyptian god Osiris, a Scorpionic figure (a god of resurrection and the Underworld) reassembled by his sister/ wife Isis after his jealous brother (Set, for those keeping score) tore him to pieces. Isis put the pieces back together and wrapped them for burial; the one missing piece (the phallus) she fashioned herself so that he would be whole. She was then impregnated by the already-dead Osiris, with the result being she gave birth to their child, Horus. This image fits quite nicely with both the Sabian of the NM (a Reunion) and with NM’s contact to Saturn, still in Scorpio. The implication for we mortals may be that there’s still some seminal, creative ‘juice’ to be extracted from a real-life situation that by all rights should be (or at least appears to be) dead and lifeless. The New Moon may make it clear what this component, if handled correctly, can be used to create; all we have to do is ‘put the pieces together’.

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