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What's an Archer to do? Sir Joshua Reynolds 1768 {{PD}}

What’s an Archer to do? Sir Joshua Reynolds 1768 {{PD}}

Memory exerts a strong pull this year, dear Sagittarius, through to your next birthday, and that may take you off a track designed to make the creative, or matters of the House ruled by Neptune, the centerpiece of your attention for the next phase of development. That’s not the only problem: you may also find that matters long ignored can’t be put aside any longer–what’s an Archer to do? Face those previously abandoned issues, and even as you deal with them, draw inspiration from them. The creative is not just about making things, it’s about taking a responsive and resourceful approach to life itself; you have the opportunity to fashion something uniquely inspired and uniquely you in your world this year. Don’t be distracted by what was, particularly by obligations or restrictions; look closely and you’re likely to find that the circumstances that created those ties have either morphed into something else or are long gone–and that means you are free. Happy Birthday, Sag, and good luck!