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Fernand Khnopff - 'I lock my door upon myself' 1891 {{PD}}

Fernand Khnopff – ‘I lock my door upon myself’ 1891 {{PD}}

Sag, it looks to me as if the feelings you feel this coming year, through to your next birthday, may be contrary to (and judgmental of) your natural inclinations, as well as those things you want to accomplish and be. This internal strife may lock you in place and make it very difficult for you to aim successfully for what you want. The most effective approach may be to ground communications and thought in instinct, and by acknowledging things you might otherwise overlook. It’s what you don’t know about or recognize as important that might trip you up this year; focus the mind on facts, real-world circumstances, and effectively dealing with barriers, and you may strike a note of genius in implementing your Will and in taking action that gets you where you want to go. Happy Birthday, dear Sagittarius, and good luck!

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