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Know who you are before you go forward, Sag! 15th century wall hanging {{PD}}

Know who you are before you go forward, Sag! 15th century wall hanging {{PD}}

You may have spent some time last year embroiled in irritating nonsense, or possibly being deceived–or was it simply confusion? but you are out of the fog now, and looking forward to being and expressing yourself, 100%–but are you really sure what that means? One of the hangover effects of last year’s draining or disorienting atmosphere may be a strong desire to get back to your own interests and goals, but a failure to take into account how recent experiences may have changed you, and so changed what you want. Go slow, at least in the first few months of this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, dear Sagittarius, and make an effort to sort feelings from thoughts–confusing the two may be another thing that plagues your progress–because until you’ve sorted things out and become acquainted with the person you are now, you may continue to operate under an image that’s no longer valid–and that will of course bring you things and life experiences you no longer want. Get things in order and there are big possibilities for both healing yourself and earning–and those are good things, right? Happy Birthday, Sagittarius, and good luck!

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