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Don't let a too-emotional outlook take you off course, Sag. Bonaventura Peeters - 'Fortified Harbour' c1646 {{PD}}

Don’t let a too-emotional outlook take you off course, Sag. Bonaventura Peeters – ‘Fortified Harbour’ c1646 {{PD}}

You and the Collective may not be getting along well this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, dear Sagittarius; is it because you feel that going along with the program may mean you’ll lose your individuality, or is it because it seems that what the group demands precludes you exercising your creativity in the most genuine way possible? In either case, what you think you know about both Collective energy and your own creative options may be an illusion based in emotion, so before you go into full blown escapism or sabotage in protest, re-evaluate–what you may find is that your true power lies in and through relationships, finances, and your ability to negotiate these, specifically because successful interaction with either money or people requires that you recognize the autonomy and integrity of each; with people the benefits of treating them with respect are obvious, while with money, a thoughtful stance means you send your assets to causes and put them behind ideas that represent your ideals, what truly matters to you–and you’ll glean unexpected benefits from such behavior. Take the time to take a second look at what it is you believe about your reality, and then put your energy behind people, money, or both. Happy Birthday, Sagittarius, and good luck!

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