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Swinging figurines of the Remojadas style. Frida27Ponce  Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

Swinging figurines of the Remojadas style. Frida27Ponce Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

10 December The personal planets changing signs are felt more easily and more intimately than the outers, mostly because they are so involved in our face-to-face interactions, so when Venus snuggles into the warm, dark box where Cappy likes to keep all its favorite things, we may become aware of the shift in interaction and values: relationships may suddenly become about ‘the rules’ and if someone feels unloved, they may take a hard line in trying to make their point. Venus is likely to sulk at first, and then adapt, so expect, especially if your natal Venus is in a ‘softer’ sign, to feel a little put out by all the emphasis on budgets and boundaries—and then you’ll likely find yourself adopting more austere ways, seeing the beauty in containment and control, and finally (ladies wearing pants so your knickers don’t show, kicking yourself high up but not dangerously so, and only while wearing one of those soft helmets for play) getting into the (literal, with this sign) swing of things. (Perfecting today: Venus enters Capricorn)

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