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This year the air around you may be a little rarefied and lonely, Sag. Thomas Moran  'Summit of the Sierras' 1872-1875 {{PD}}

This year the air around you may be a little rarefied and lonely, Sag. Thomas Moran ‘Summit of the Sierras’ 1872-1875 {{PD}}

This Solar year, through to your next birthday, dear Sagittarius, the focus for you may be on determining the depth of your own power and authority, on finding your appropriate territory, and on measuring your responsibility toward those people and things currently in your life. You may not be accustomed to taking so much time and energy for yourself, but it really is necessary to nurture your sense of identity and to define your commitments, obligations, and your place in the world; your deep need this year will be to find exactly how you may shine at your brightest. I don’t know how reassuring this may or may not be, but relationships and finances will be under stress through no fault of your own, so putting attention on yourself will not take anything away from those areas–they will rise or fall on their own. In any case, learn all that you can, seek empowerment through acquisition of skills and through Self-improvement, and you’ll reach your next Solar Return ready for what at that time will feel like sudden, light year leaps in progress. Happy Birthday, Sag, and good luck!

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