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Olaus Magnus - On Whirlpools and the Remarkable Nature of Ice c1555 {{PD}}

Olaus Magnus – On Whirlpools and the Remarkable Nature of Ice c1555 {{PD}}

The reality picture may take on the dimensions of an ongoing crisis this coming Solar year, dear Sagittarius, and the most important thing you need to know about that is: that crisis doesn’t belong to you. Though others may, by hook, crook, or illusion, try to partner with you in a way that makes you responsible for their upset, turning point, or life-on-the-precipice, you’ve got to remember that grounding yourself in values, commitment, and a solid home life (no matter what that consists of) will keep your attention on what’s most important to you; namely, opportunities to expand, learn, reach out, or travel that you are already (at the time of your birthday today) aware of and considering. Choose from what’s offered now; don’t fear that something better will come along–instead, realize that putting effort into a solid grounding in home, Love, or earning/ energy exchange will set the stage for an excellent year–just as long as you stay out of being sucked into someone else’s dramatic vortex. Happy Birthday, Sag, and good luck!

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