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It's all about communicating emotion for Moon in the 3rd. Pierre-Auguste Renoir - 'Confidences' {{PD}}

It’s all about communicating emotion for Moon in the 3rd. Pierre-Auguste Renoir – ‘Confidences’ {{PD}}

A little something on natal Moon in the 3rd, part of my new book on the Moon:

To Think They Feel, or Feel They Think, is the problem presented by both a 3rd House Moon and a Moon in Aquarius (and sometimes Moon in Gemini). The individual with Luna in the natal 3rd ‘hears’ the emotional content behind everything communicated, takes in the subtle current of what’s unspoken, and feels keenly every sentiment conveyed by others—and may do it all as a matter of course, without recognizing that emotion as communication isn’t the way everyone sends messages, or feels feelings. Too, they may not be aware that everyone doesn’t run the emotions through a language and symbol filter, just so they can get a handle on what they’re feeling—and so a person unable to express their emotions through language may be a unicorn the 3rd House Moon doesn’t believe exists, adding a degree of difficulty to relationships with, for example, Water or Fire types.

We can theorize that the childhood environment, also contained in the 3rd, sensitized the individual to all those unsaid things, emotional assumptions, and the uneven affections of family and friends to an excessive degree; this is the person who senses everyone’s feelings about everyone else—but that doesn’t necessarily mean their perceptions are accurate. For all their ability to discern emotional inclinations, the 3rd House Moon is not beyond placing her or his own filter over what’s perceived: their filter is the mind. This is natural for everyone, especially those with lots of Air, but may be especially relevant for this Lunar placement as, whether there’s an unspoken message or not, 3rd House Moon may perceive one. Since they believe all communications have these emotional undercurrents, it’s (nearly) impossible for them to see that sometimes, words convey only what they actually say, nothing more. They may have a hard time believing that others aren’t as emotionally engaged in communications as they are.