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Ei Kyu: Chaos, 1957 {{PD}}

Ei Kyu: Chaos, 1957 {{PD}}

Are you familiar with that Carly Simon song, ‘Anticipation’? This year for you, dear Sag, that may be your theme: “It’s makin’ me wait, it’s keepin’ me way-ay-aitin'”. Nobody wants to hear they’ll be spending a year with an activity level equivalent to waiting in line–but that may be exactly what you have to do. Here’s the up side, though: you are totally, one-hundred percent, in charge of your world and what changes in it–even if you don’t believe that, and even if some change comes about through crisis or the crumbling of your security or life structures. Now it sounds serious, right? And it also likely sounds a lot more like your typical day-to-day events–and that should make you think. Why would the Universe put your normally stressful and semi-chaotic journey on hold? Maybe it’s because you need to quit hiding from those things you thought you could safely ignore–because dealing with those issues will be the key to a happy, active, and productive year. Happy Birthday, Sag, and good luck!

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