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Luis Ricardo Falero - Unfinished Song 1882 {{PD}}

Luis Ricardo Falero – Unfinished Song 1882 {{PD}}

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New Moon on 21 December at 5:36 PM Pacific time at 00 Capricorn 06: Self-Possession
Even with generous orbs we only get New Moon contact in two notable ways: a trine to Black Moon Lilith, and a sesquiquadrate to Juno, and it also squares the Aries Point, suggesting the importance of the NM in a way the aspects don’t reveal, such that what occurs may be life-altering. A NM is an inception, but what is born here? In Capricorn we’re talking about energies of a constructive nature, perhaps of containment or for forming boundaries. The Lilith aspect says this Moon could act like a funnel, bringing forward every ignored or hidden matter, forcing us to begin to deal with them. It could also birth a Lilithian rage, a need to condemn every injustice we’ve suffered. And it could bring us to a point of accepting our position as we find ourselves, and then giving us the cojones to walk away from whatever we find unacceptable, in terms of our dignity, our honor, or our Self-respect. This definitely impacts our empowerment situation, but in a very specific way: we are at a point of complete Self-possession, so that any clout we got from partnerships, status, or through others may be endangered because we won’t see ourselves as interdependent anymore. This can be good—we will never again allow anyone to mistreat us—or bad—we could throw out our babies (relationships, financial arrangements, jobs, reciprocal situations) with our insistently independent bathwater (I’ll bet those three words have never appeared together in that order in a sentence before).

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