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William Orpen 'The Eastern Gown' 1906 {{PD}}

William Orpen ‘The Eastern Gown’ 1906 {{PD}}

23 December we may face some serious concerns over how much relationships or the financial situation do or do not support our empowerment, and smart money says we take the long view, considering how this may end up affecting our future course. At least, that will be the approach of those who are listening for the Cosmic undercurrent; everyone else may treat those things we find upsetting us or drawing our attention as much less meaningful than we know them to be. The good thing is you’ll easily see who’s taking a deeper approach, and so be able to identify the kind of communication that may be most effective, either speaking ‘on the surface’ or looking beyond the obvious, depending on who’s in front of you. In any case, respect for others’ communications, reasoning processes, and mental perceptions is necessary, because there just won’t be any room to question or ridicule what others propose—everyone will need to be able to retain a sense of dignity in interaction—it’s best kept in mind that identities are fragile at this time. One thing you can count on: people will be telling you what they care about, even if the message is sent indirectly. (Venus quincunx Juno and square the Nodal axis, Mercury conjunct Vesta, Sun sesquiquadrate Juno, Saturn enters Sagittarius)

Today’s image is a baby. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine holding one, imagine the clean, ‘new baby’ smell of one, recall how incredibly soft they are. Have a completely human moment, communing with that very distinctive way we all begin our journey. There, doesn’t that feel better?

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