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Hiding just won't cut it right now, Capricorn. 'Cinderella'  Val Prinsep {{PD}}

Hiding just won’t cut it right now, Capricorn. ‘Cinderella’ Val Prinsep {{PD}}

Is shyness a perpetual problem for you, dear Capricorn, or are you just experiencing a severe bout right now? In either case, you may feel that hiding in a box is your only option; and I can see why. You are being plagued (haunted?) possibly at a mostly subliminal level, by some serious matters that you have so far successfully ignored, or have even denied exist. Your natural tendency is to withdraw from these issues, which may involve vital details of material matters, your own or others’ rage, reactions to criticism, and ‘dividing the spoils’, which may not have gone as it should/ was planned; now you need to deal with these, in order to allow for gestation time involving a highly creative period you will shortly enter–not clearing up what’s haunting you means you will have energy and attention diverted to holding off awareness or putting out related fires, when it really should go to cooking a major creative or imagination-fueled thing that only you can offer the world. The choice is clear. Happy Birthday, Cappy, and good luck!