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Bruno Liljefors - Winter Hare 1928 {{PD}}

Bruno Liljefors – Winter Hare 1928 {{PD}}

I’ve noticed a lot of people today sounding as if they’re operating in crisis mode, but also clearly in denial about the level of stress they’re carrying; maybe this will help.

26 December we are hyper-aware of our current life direction and the repercussions of our choices, and that may have an odd effect: we could try to outsmart the Universe (by anticipating where our actions might lead) and so end up landing in uniquely disempowering circumstances. What we imagine occurring in financial or relationship sectors could be misleading, and send us in the wrong direction. We need to tap creative powers and apply them to our surroundings, with an eye to where we want to find ourselves in the future; that will turn our efforts in a positive direction and help us avoid moves where we end up doing nothing so much as outsmarting ourselves. (Perfecting today: Mars opposed Juno, Venus semi-square Neptune, Mercury square the Nodal axis, which catches Saturn at the midpoint of NN-Merc, Earth trine Neptune)

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