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Homer Dodge Martin - The Iron Mine, Port Henry, New York 1862 {{PD}}

Homer Dodge Martin – The Iron Mine, Port Henry, New York 1862 {{PD}}

Emotions may be at odds with your goals and choices this coming year, dear Capricorn, through to your next birthday; you may feel pulled in opposing directions consistently, and the feeling nature has no way to deal with the pressure except to take its own unique course. Being a personal trailblazer may be something you must do periodically throughout life, and right now is one of those times. A sort of adventure will be yours this coming year, and you will have a tremendous amount of power and you’ll know exactly how to use it–the smart people around you will ally with you and support your cause, you’re that formidable–but all that ability will remain discretely tucked away beneath an unassuming exterior you’ve created–and you may end up even fooling yourself about the extent of your abilities, believing you’re more modest and less powerful than you really are. It’s a point in time when you can make leaps of progress toward your goals, discover new ones along the way, and get a lot of what you want–if you’ll only embrace your assertive, masterful Self, rather than demur and let others go (and get) first. Stake your claim, Cappy! Happy Birthday and good luck!

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