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Harald Sohlberg Vinternatt i Rondane 1917 {{PD}}

Harald Sohlberg Vinternatt i Rondane 1917 {{PD}}

Dear Capricorn, do you feel like your support system as been dismantled, and that all the wisdom you’ve acquired through the years is now somehow invalid? Don’t worry, this is much less about things falling apart through incompetence or neglect (meaning, it’s not your fault) and much more about the kind of boundaries and structures that need to fall away so that deep, real, permanent, and profound change can take place in your life. This change is likely to involve major healing of wounds, and/ or the discovery of unique skills, things you may have suspected you could be good at, or things you never knew you had the facility for, but are gifted with. The time you’ll spend this Solar year, on the way toward your next birthday, will mostly be spent divesting yourself (willingly or not) of things that won’t work for you anymore, once change takes hold; just trust that your Higher Self is guiding things, and that what’s coming will re-make your life in a positive and profound way. Happy Birthday, Cappy, and good luck!

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