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'The Party at the Tavern' Luis Ricardo Falero {{PD}}

‘The Party at the Tavern’ Luis Ricardo Falero {{PD}}

Full Moon occurs on the 4th at 14 Cancer 30 at 8:52 PM Pacific time

The Sabian for the Full Moon is, ‘In A Sumptuous Dining Hall Guests Relax After Partaking Of A Huge Banquet’. We’ve gorged ourselves on the results of our own behaviors, ‘served up’ to us by the Universe. This image only emphasizes that what we have in front of us to choose from at this time is directly related to what we have chosen and made ourselves—if we’ve gone too ‘rich’, too extreme in diet, we’re sickened or weakened, if low on nutrients we don’t have the energy or attention span needed, and so on, analogous to the idea that what we take in is what we use to build what comes out, and that the diet we speak of here is the way we use our energy and the choices that we’ve made.

The Sun, giver of life and core of our system, has its own Sabian, always worth a look as it provides the Full Moon light: ‘In A Hospital, The Children’s Ward Is Filled With Toys’. This suggests something a little odd: that perhaps here on Earth we are all ‘in hospital’ in a sense; we are here to heal, and even in a place where recovering wholeness is the aim, there are things that delight and distract us from our purpose. If we are clever, we can make our play part of (even the centerpiece of) our healing, combining our purpose with enjoyment, even within the confines of a place full of suffering and hurt.